How to Request a Duplicate of Your Missing or Lost W2 Online

In order to comply with tax regulations, all employers in the United States issue a copy of W2 form to every employee by the end of January. The document contains all of the last year's wages and tax withholdings, allowing taxpayers to fill out taxes and submit them to the IRS. Some people may experience difficulties due to unavailable or lost W2 forms. If your employer hasn't given you a wage and tax statement, or the original form was lost, you should immediately look for a way to obtain another copy.

Requesting a duplicate of your W2 online is often the preferred method over the slower and more expensive alternatives, like turning to the employer, the IRS or SSA (Social Services Association). In many cases, your employer isn't always helpful in replacing lost tax forms. The good news is, our website can help you! Create a free account now with and we will help you successfully obtain a copy of W2 online in the shortest amount of time, with the least amount of hassle. No software to download, we find your missing W-2 online and email a copy to your inbox.

Lost W2 forms are a leading cause of why people don't get around to filing their taxes on time. If these people knew about a way of getting their lost W2 online, most of these people would have filed their taxes.

Anyone who has to deal with this problem for the first time will soon discover that regular methods of W2 replacement are either extremely slow or expensive. Getting a new wage and tax statement through the SSA would take up to 45 days, for example. Many people are unwilling to call the IRS to obtain a new W-2 tax form, and can be on hold for up to an hour before speaking to anyone. The only method that is fast, convenient and easy is replacing your W2 online with

Just as filing your taxes over the Internet has proved to be far superior to using regular mail in the recent years, W2 online recovery is becoming an increasingly popular way of replacing the wage and tax statement that was supposed to be issued by your employer. Even if you're already past the deadline for filing your taxes, there are plenty of options left for you to consider once you use our website and finally get your W2 online.

Sign up for your lost W2 online retrieval service today with us and replace your W2 online for any year of your choice from as far back as 2003.

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