How to Recover Lost W2 Forms

Taxpayers who have lost W2 forms are soon to discover that replacing their lost W2 documents can either be a real hassle or extremely simple. The fact that you are reading this article means that you are well on your way to discover the fast, simple and easy way to replace your lost W2 online through our website. This article will outline many other methods of replacing your lost W2 tax documents, and you will agree that is the easiest, fastest and best option.

The most straightforward way of recovering your lost W2 form is checking with your employers. After you submit an appropriate application, they may provide you with all of the relevant documents to replace your lost W2 once again. However, this option may not work for some people; it is possible that some people no longer work at the company and resent the idea of talking to anyone at the company again about a lost W2 form. Or it is possible that the company is no longer in business, and therefore, there is no one to talk to about reissuing a lost W2 form, and they are forced to look into other possibilities. If you used our website instead, you wouldn't need to wait for someone else to help you. You could create an account, and immediately start the retrieval process, which should only take 5 minutes of your time. It can take as little as 2 days to have the lost W2 emailed to your inbox.

Alternatively, taxpayers can contact the Internal Revenue Service and ask for another copy of the lost W2. Unfortunately, you may be placed on hold with the IRS for over an hour before you can even talk to anyone about getting a new W2 tax form. Then the IRS takes several weeks to process your request to reprint a paper copy of your lost W2 document, and the postal mail delivery can take up to 45 days to finally deliver it. To make matters worse, what you get in the mail from the IRS after waiting all that time won't even be an exact copy of the W2 form that you lost. In most cases, the IRS will only be able to produce a form containing federal data without any state tax or withholding information, greatly limiting its usefulness for people who have lost W2 forms. And if you're relying on using any tax software to help you prepare your taxes, the instructions to "look at box 1" will not be helpful when using this new document from the IRS you've waited over a month for, because it won't have a boxed labelled like the lost W2 would have had. If you used our website instead, you never have to talk to the IRS, and you never have to wait for the mail. In as little as 48 hours after ordering online though you would have the lost W2 emailed to you as a PDF document. This PDF of your lost W2 looks exactly like the W2 you lost. It's not a transcript, it's a real W2! It has all the same boxes and formats as the lost W2 you couldn't find.

Due to the inconvenience and long waiting time of the previous options, an increasing number of taxpayers choose to recover their W2 online with us.

Online lost W2 recovery is carried out electronically from start to finish, on our secure servers. There is nothing to download onto your computer, and it only takes a few minutes to fill out the lost W2 replacement form so that you can receive your fresh copy of the lost W2 without ever leaving your computer. The new W2 form is emailed to you in your inbox as a PDF in as little as 48 hours, which means you will always have a copy of the lost W2 and can print out as many copies of this W2 as you want. This new W2 is exactly the same as the one you misplaced, and is 100% accepted by the IRS. If it's the bank who needs the W2 to verify income, no one will ever know it's not the original copy you got from your employer. There is no way to know the difference because there is no difference. It's as if you never lost your W2 form at all. Replacing your lost W2 tax form with us is extremely easy and intuitive, so anyone can do it. The first thing you need to do is go to our website and submit your request to replace your lost W2 by filling out all of the relevant details, including a valid email address.

As soon as we get our hands on your lost W2 form, we will send it directly to your inbox. You will be able to see the new replacement of your lost W2 as soon as it's sent, without having to wait several weeks for the postal mail to arrive to your home.

We have made the online process of getting a new copy of your lost W2 form so easy that it barely takes five minutes to complete when you have all the necessary information available to you. If you want to free yourself from the headache over a lost W2 form, start today and create your account with us.

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