Finding an Express W2 Replacement Service Online

The main problem with replacing your lost W2 forms is the long waiting time for receiving your documents in the mail. If you don't want to miss the tax filing deadline this year and pay penalties to the IRS, you need to use a replacement service that guarantees express W2 delivery at an affordable rate. This article will help you understand why our express W2 website is the fastest, easiest and most convenient way to replace your lost wage and tax withholding statement over the Internet.

Disadvantages of Regular Replacement Methods

The IRS is the most common place where people can turn to get another copy of W2 forms that they lost or want to be corrected. A lot of people get very nervous talking to the IRS, and would prefer not to, and in addition, their method of delivery is very slow (up to 45 days using postal mail). This is not at all what one would call an express W2 service, and the IRS charges extra fees if you make a mistake and need them to try again to resend the copy of W2. People have been on hold for over an hour with the IRS just to submit the request for a new express W2, and then they have to wait over a month for the US Postal Service to deliver the new paper copy of their replaced W2 tax form.

Your employer might not be able to help or provide an express W2 service that you need either. Even with large corporations with Human Resource departments, trying to find the right person in the HR department who knows how to issue an express W2 replacement.

If you want to avoid all of the problems and the waiting that come with the methods of express W2 recovery, then our website is the right answer for your express W2 needs! You can order an express W2 replacement in less than 5 minutes, by creating an account with, filling out the order form online in our secure website, then receiving an email with a PDF of your express W2 in as little as 48 hours.

Advantages of Online W2 Replacement Services

All tax-related issues are traditionally resolved through long phone calls, personal office visits and slow postal mail deliveries that have made the entire process unwelcome and difficult. The Internet is gradually changing that inconvenience with helpful resources for express W2 delivery through email and intuitive tools that allow anyone to handle their taxes online. It's also becoming the go-to method of recovering lost W2 forms thanks to several important advantages.

The most convenient thing that taxpayers note about express W2 replacement services like ours is the ability to receive your new express W2 form through email. The email we send you will have a PDF of your express W2 in the exact same format as the old one you lost. This new PDF of your old lost W2 is 100% recognized by the IRS and acceptable to the IRS. You will be able to use the express W2 that we email to your inbox in exactly the same way as your would have used your original express W2 tax form that you can't find. And this PDF of your lost W2 can be printed out as many times as you want, so long as you keep the email. You will never need another copy of this tax form again! If only your employer was nice enough to email the original express W2 tax forms to you in the first place!

Compared to dealing with the IRS, SSA or even your employer, using our online tools to get the exact forms that you want presents fewer obstacles, requires almost no paperwork and helps you avoid the bureaucracy of large institutions. As a result, getting your express W2 through will save time and money that would be otherwise spent on unnecessary fees and waiting.

Stop worrying about delays and replace your express W2 right now by creating an account with us and getting that express W2 in your inbox!

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