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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I get any year W-2 I need?
A: Yes, You can get any W-2 from 2005-2013

Q: How many W-2s will I get?
A: For every tax year you will get one W-2 for each job you had.
            For example:
            In 2009 you worked at 3 different jobs.
            SO if you click the checkbox and order 2009 W-2

            YOU will get: All 3 different W2s for all three jobs in 2009
            And You don't have to pay 3 times, just once for 2009 W2.

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Q: When will I receive my W-2s, and How will I receive them
A: You will receive your W-2s in as little as 48 hours by e-mail

Q: Can I get my forms any other way other than e-mail?
A: Yes, you can get them via fax for an additional $5

Q: Can I get any other forms here?
A: Yes, you can also get your 1099s and 1040 Tax Returns

Q: Are you able to retrieve W2's and 1099 forms?
A: Yes, we can retrieve copies of your missing W2's and 1099 Forms. Absolutely no state information is available in retrieved forms though.

Q: Where can I get my Missing W-2 form?
A: Right Here! Click the START button now!